Dental Clinic Calfa Dent offers a wide range of modern dental services. We have individual aproach for each patient's problem and apply the most appropriate treatment. Calfa Dent - dental professionals.
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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services. A white smile currently suggests both social status and showing the care of your health. Your smile will become more pleasant after the whitening, others will notice your improved look. In the Calfa Dent we offer the most modern teeth whitening methods that keep the result for a long time. We also offer teeth whitening, which can be done at home by the patient.


Correction of occlusion

More than 80% of the world’s population suffers from a malocclusion: vicious teeth placement that makes your smile less pleasant and lead to the various psychological complexes. The malocclusion can also cause serious problems associated with digestion, as well as a hypersensitivity to the gums. The problems of malocclusion correction are treated by orthodontists. We offer effective and modern occlusion correction methods that give the most excellent results. Your smile will look impeccable!


Dental implants

There are various indications for dental implants. Frequently, the main indication for dental implants is the tooth loss. It should be restored by fixing the implants to avoid dental movement and thinning of the bone tissue. We offer different types of dental implants that are individually selected for each patient. Such dental implants look identical to the patient’s natural teeth and contribute to the resilience of a beautiful and harmonious smile.


Treatment of gums

A proper care of the gums and their proper treatment in the right time are as important as the dental treatment. One of the most common problems is gum bleeding and hypersensitivity. Our specialists will help you remove any gum disease (gingivitis, paradonitis, paradontosis), but also to enhance your oral hygiene through non-invasive procedures.

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Caries treatment

Caries is one of the main problems of our patients. Caries is a process of destruction of the tooth tissue as a result of a number of unfavorable external and internal factors. If caries is not cured in time, it leads to tooth loss and various complications as the inflammation and further spread of the caries. We offer the newest and painless methods of caries treatment.

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Dental prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is a way to restore lost teeth using the modern methods. We offer both implanted prostheses, permanent dental crowns and detachable dentures from various materials. In the Calfa Dent we use the most modern dental prostheses, which makes the dental prosthesis easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.


Surgical treatments

Surgical treatments are widely used in the modern dentistry. Surgical treatment refers, first of all, to the extraction of teeth. Surgical treatment is also used for tooth implantation, for soft tissues interventions in the oral cavity, for treatment of the trigeminal nerve, but also for many other indications. At the dental clinic Calfa Dent we use the latest technologies and pharmaceutics that make surgical procedures painless.

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Dentistry for children

Pediatric dentistry deals with the teeht an oral cavity problems that children have. Pediatric dentists have a special training because the little patients often have fear of dentists. Pediatric dentistry covers almost the full range of dental services. We created special conditions for children in Calfa Dent to minimize the stress caused by procedures. The treatment is painless due to the modern medicines and technologies.


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